Is it impossible to find yourself in academic writer job?

During being a student, while you’re doing your graduation, you have every reason to become a good freelance writer. You’ve been out there way too long, so you can take into account all the nuances of training activities.

This job is meant for various people: for students, for stay-at-home moms, for those who don’t want to work in an office and many other people. This job suits people who want to earn money and stay at home at the same time. Sounds pretty good, yeah? If you think about such kind of freelance job – this article is for you.

We’ll discuss basic tips for people seeking academic writing jobs.

The first step is to understand what you need.

  • High-speed Internet. Without this part of the plan, your work will impossible. You should be in touch 24 hours a day if there is a necessity to correct the text.
  • Of course, the computer. Or a laptop. Something you can use to type and search for necessary information.
  • Sufficient time. Writers should allow themselves enough time to deal with the topic of the works.
  • Good language skills. There are various topics and you will write about difficult things that require much knowledge in different spheres.
  • Paypal. You will not work free, right?

Above-mentioned plan – is just the beginning of the way. To find a job may be more difficult to prepare for it. You should find dedicated websites, where there are many offers in varying areas of science.

Pretty difficult to find but it’s worth it

Why? What are the benefits of such a job?

The first and main is that you can work anytime and anywhere. You don’t depend on your home or another place. You can work from home, or from your friends’ or from café. If it is a sunny day you may go out and sit in the park while working. You decide what work to get and how long it will be. There is no need to go to the stuffy office and do routine work. But don’t forget you have a deadline. It’s very cool to be location-independent but there is a timetable. But you can correct this timetable. You can work at night, if you want. So it’s a job with opportunities.

Now’ it’s time for our tips

  • Writing a personal blog. It may help you as a beginner. Somebody can be interested in you.
  • Facebook page for promoting. Because promoting is an important part of this job.
  • Network with other academic writers. It’s better to stay in touch with them.
  • Registration on a different freelance website. When starting it’s hard to choose one platform, so need to try and to choose then.
  • Be careful, because there are a lot of people who want you to work for them without any money, or with little money. Don’t concentrate on the only job you find. Develop your wring skill and find a better employer, and find a job which you will like. It’s a well-paid job, so to earn money you just need to experience and develop every time you write an academic work.
  • Learn all the rules that are necessary for successful freelance. Learn special terms to understand what others want from you.
  • You need to analyze your future clients. Where will you find them? Ask your relatives, friends or neighbours – it may help you to find your first client.
  • Send your pitches to various companies or people.


We hope you will find a job. A job of the academic writer is a very lucky profession. We advise you to use your knowledge appropriate way and you will be successful. It’s very essential to start and after that step, you need to develop constantly. It’s a responsible job requiring special knowledge and skills. Use every minute to devote yourself to writing, because that’s how it works.

We wish you good luck in this field and will post articles about such important things. Change your life and live for yourself – these things you can get with freelance academic writer job and we will help you with that.